Posted by: Brian | September 11, 2007

Podcast: Testing Web Services

Does anyone really listen to Podcasts?

I’ve recently recorded two podcasts with our IBM friends over at developerWorks.  The first is a discussion about testing web service based SOA applications.  Fun to do, and the content is actually pretty good – but I wonder if anyone actually listens to these talks.  I personally can’t see myself downloading this down to an iPod to listen to at any point.  First problem is that I don’t have an iPod, second problem is that I don’t have time.  However, I’m reassured that many people do listen to these things.

I sent the link to my parents, so I know at least 2 people heard it.

The second podcast isn’t up yet – I’ll update this post with a URL later.  If you’re really starving for content, it will be posted, along with all other podcasts at the developerWorks Podcast site.

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