Posted by: Brian | September 14, 2007

Functional Testing Fundamentals: Database Testing

What’s old is what’s new….

Got an e-mail today from the very first customer I went to visit when I joined this company.  Amazing that both my contact and I are still in this business.  That just doesn’t happen anymore.  Sad in one way, funny in another I suppose…

Anyways – turns out many things have changed, but some of their basic testing requirements remain the same.  They’ve got a new system, and need to validate that what went into the apps front end actually got stored in the database.  This is one of those testing fundamentals that every tester has to deal with at some point or another. 

There are many approaches to it, and at one point I got so tired of talking about it I wrote an article on it.  Amazingly, the article: Rational Robot tips & techniques: data access is still live on devWorks!  The article outlines several good solutions to the problem – inside tip: go for the third method.

For those who go and follow the link – one thing that’s changed is that I have a new preferred utility for database queries…Today, instead of the Robot DataTest utility mentionned in the article, I use the JMatrix Databrowser .  It’s much more powerful, offers universal database support, is free – and most importantly – is a Java App.  Why is that so important?  The nice thing about it being a Java app is that it works very well with our other testing tool Rational Functional Tester, as well as Robot.

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