Posted by: Brian | October 17, 2007

New Release of IBM Rational Test Tools v7.0.1

Yesterday we released the latest versions of IBM Rational Manual Tester, IBM Rational Functional Tester, IBM Rational Performance Tester and IBM Rational Tester for SOA Quality

Lots of good stuff in there…I’ve pasted the full feature list below…I’ll be speaking at STAR West in Anaheim next week, and hope to have the latest and greatest on my laptop to show the curious.  See you there!

IBM Rational Performance Tester  is a performance test creation, execution, and analysis tool for teams validating the scalability and reliability of complex on demand applications before deployment.  New and improved functionality:

  • New security layer support via Entrust security module for Web site security
  • Improved CPU usage by 64%
  • Expanded resource monitoring support, including SAP
  • Insight into performance improvements with the ability to compare test results from one test to another
  • Effective simulation of real world scenarios with scheduled synchronization points allowing for improved control of workflows and simulated conditions (stress points) on the Web server
  • Advanced maintainability for test assets
  • Enhanced reporting right out of the box

New IBM Rational Performance Tester Extension for SIP is a test creation, execution, and analysis tool for teams validating the functionality, scalability, and reliability of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) environments. Performance Tester Extension for SIP includes all the features of IBM Rational Performance Tester plus:

  • Supports testing a variety of environments that leverage SIP such as, Telecom implementations, WebSphere® middleware, and Lotus® collaboration tools
  • Provides functional validation of SIP environments

IBM Rational Manual Tester is a manual test authoring and execution tool that promotes test step reuse to reduce the impact of software change on testers and business analysts.   New and improved functionality:
Keyword testing

  • Improve productivity and simplify test automation by defining and selecting keywords
  • Easily create manual tests leveraging reusable keywords
  • Includes keywords that provide automation leveraging IBM Rational Functional Tester framework

Project support

  • Provides logical grouping of manual and functional tests
  • Allows for creation and management of projects
  • Offers migration of 6.x and 7.0 scripts

Library views

  • Easily organize and share keyword statements with updated library views
  • Leverage several library views within a single project

Datapool support

  • Greater flexibility of test scripts by allowing the association of data from your manual test scripts to be leveraged by the keyword capabilities of IBM Rational Functional Tester for test automation
  • Datapool view that provides a spreadsheet style view of data within Manual Tester
  • Data selector that allows for quick and easy data selection
  • Run-time usage that allows the selection of data from the datapool during runtime

IBM Rational Tester for SOA Quality is a functional and regression testing tool that enables the creation, comprehension, modification and execution of testing GUI-less Web services.  New and improved functionality:

  • Additional test environment support for using XML and SOAP over MQ —
  • Support for custom security through an extensibility mechanism
  • Easy creation and edition of tests data in a structure visual view allowing to quickly design even the most complex SOAP or XML message

IBM Rational Performance Tester Extension for SOA Quality is a load and performance testing and problem analysis tool that extends performance and scalability testing to SOA applications. Performance Tester Extension for SOA Quality V7.0.1 supports all new and updated features of Rational Tester for SOA Quality V7.0.1.

IBM Rational Functional Tester is an automated functional and regression testing solution for QA teams concerned with the quality of their Java™, .NET, and Web-based applications. Combining advanced test development techniques with the simplification and automation of basic test needs, IBM Rational Functional Tester accelerates the process of system test creation, execution and analysis to ensure the early capture and repair of application errors.  New and improved functionality: 

  • Keyword support (Eclipse IDE only) providing definition and creation of keywords and keyword frameworks
  • Proxy SDK (Java/.Net) providing capabilities, documentation, examples and instructions to support custom controls
  • Image comparator (Windows™ only) allows usage of an image as a verification point
  • Rich internet application support — Flash and Flex — Domain support (IE Browser)
  • SAP Certification
  • Extended support for IBM Rational ClearCase® with IBM Rational ClearCase Remote Client support (checkin/checkout and Eclipse IDE only)

IBM Rational Functional Tester Extension for Terminal Based Applications enables testing of 3270 (zSeries®) and 5250 (iSeries™) terminal-based applications.  New and improved functionality: 

  • Updated features for IBM Rational Functional Tester V7.0.1 included
  • Improved installation


  1. please tell me wchihc tools are best IBM or HP tools

    • So, you’re probably aware you’re asking a very biased source, right?

      Let me try and answer this as fairly as possible. For many customers, the choice between IBM and HP will be what I call a “Coke/Pepsi” decision. The products are all mature, and overlap on virtually all the main functionality that the decision comes down to personal preference. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages on both. As an example, Rational Performance Tester doesn’t cover some of the protocols that LoadRunner covers such as i-Mode and Tuxedo – but Rational Performance Tester uses a much simpler recording and editing mechanism which means that if you’re testing something like a web application, SAP, Oracle, Sockets or any of the other protocols Performance Tester supports you’re going to get faster results as you’ll save literally hours if not days in the test creation phase. In some cases, the differences are in packaging. Like with Rational Functional Tester, when you purchase Functional Tester you get support for all environments included. With QuickTestPro, you’ll have to pay for additional protocols.

      Fundamentally though, the biggest difference between IBM and HP is in the core philosophy behind the tools. HP tools are pure testing tools, the implication of that being that better testing = better quality. The IBM tools are quality management tools, the implication being that a better delivery process = better quality. By better delivery process, you’ll find in the IBM tools tight integrations to the larger development cycle. As an example, Rational Quality Manager – which is the central hub for the quality assurance process, has tight links to requirements management tools such as Requirements Composer, RequisitePro, DOORS as well as it’s own lightweight requirements functionality. It is also tied to the Rational Team Concert, the agile focused development environment used by developers to track source code and work items. With Rational Quality Manager you can establish links and traceability between your test cases, your requirements, your defects and your development work items for a whole process focus on quality. The rational reporting facility is also fully integrated across all these tools for quality process reporting. All of this is made possible by the fact that Rational Quality Manager, like Rational Requirements Composer like Rational Team Concert is all built on a common platform which we call Jazz. Having one common server for all our tools fundamentally unifies the software delivery team and enables them to deliver better products.

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