Posted by: Brian | October 22, 2007

STAR West Testing Conference

The Rational Tetser is heading off to the STAR West testing conference, where I was lucky enough to be selected to speak about testing SOA based applications.  My presentation is entitled “Testing SOA Applications: What’s New, What’s Not“, where the basic premise is that yes SOA testing is new and requires some new thinking, it doesn’t mean that you need to completely throw out everything you’ve already been doing.

The presentation is very demo heavy.  I’ll actually be building and deploying a web service, and then testing that web service.  For simplicity sake, I’ll be building and depoying with Rational Application Developer , but the functionality I’ll be showing is for the most part available in the open source Eclipse platform.  I’ll also be using jUnit to test this web service – well, actually the class that is the core of the web service.  I’ll then conclude with a demo of IBM Rational Tester for SOA Quality.  I’ll be using that to show the performance side of SOA testing.

I’ll be using this site to post the updated slides, which I’m sure I’ll be reworking up until the last minute.  Watch for a post with new slides on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

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