Posted by: Brian | November 28, 2007

Hello Google! Rational Tester hits page one!

As previously mentionned, the Rational Tester keeps a close eye on google rankings.  It’s amazing the impact Google has on traffic here.  Last week, the Rational Tester hit the Google front page for a search on Rational Tester! 

Ratoinal Tester Blog hits Google Page 1

Not that that has much to do with testing – but it was a good day in my books.   Yahoo!  (I mean Google!) 


  1. you really should shrink your images!
    the one on this page is over 700K when it should be less than 20K. It makes your blog very slow to load even on a fast connection. Have a look at this FAQ article on wordpress for more information:

  2. Normally with a comment like this I’d just fix it and move on, but let me say this:

    – Thanks
    – Ugh – I am always yelling at my inlaws for emailing the 2MB version of their pictures of their cat. I hate oversized pictures.
    – Thanks again.
    – I love it when people test a testing blog.

    Picture shrunk – I somehow saved it as a .bmp originally…It’s now a JPG, reduced size and quality.

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