Posted by: Brian | December 10, 2007

IBM Rational Performance Tester Aces

IBM Rational Performance Tester GRAND SLAMs the web site.

To test the web site for the major tennis tournament held in Australia, the web site developers used IBM Rational Performance Tester.  Thanks to Performance Tester’s scalability, only 2 Windows based PCs were required to test each of the servers three geographically distributed servers.  Rational Performance Tester generated a load of over 25,000 hits per minute – or 400 hits per second – to validate the scalability of the application. 

The article has some interesting detail, but probably the most interesting part is that “the close to 25,000 hits per minute generated by Rational Performance Tester was far more than any single node saw in actual operation.”  Pretty impressive that only 2 PCs were required to generate that kind of load – talk about scalability!


  1. […] read the case study via a link from The Rational Tester blog which is run by Brian Bryson from IBM Rational Quality Management. So if you are interested in […]

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