Posted by: Brian | January 7, 2008

Agile Testing: Something to Look Into

With so much going on in testing, the Rational Tester just hasn’t had time to get a grip on Agile Testing.  I did stumble upon an interesting tidbit over at the Agile Journal: Agile Strategies for Geographically Distributed Quality Management

 I’m not an Agile expert – though I do hope to dig a little deeper into it – but the article brought up an interesting idea:

 “Traditionally, when business analysts write requirements, they may leave out minute, important details assuming they are “common knowledge” in the business domain.  Relying only on a requirements specification proves to be risky in practice.  “

Valid point – we all live that every day.  Here’s their proposed alternative approach: 

 “One agile approach is to capture requirements as “customer tests,” what traditionalists would refer to as function tests, whenever possible.  By doing so you arguably eliminate the gaps that are introduced by statically capturing requirements and then recapturing the information as tests – in short, you cut out the documentation “middle man.” 

So the tests become the requirements.  A passing test is a passing requirement.  FAN – FREAKING – TASTIC!

If this is what Agile is about, I’m on board.  I’ll dig more into it…but this seems promissing.


  1. word.! i agree!

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