Posted by: Brian | January 11, 2008

Test Driven Development (TDD)

No surprise, the Rational Tester works for IBM Rational.  IBM Rational survives by selling tools – in particular, tools that aid in testing.  Sometimes, however, the best approaches to better quality in software are procedural.  No cash, just change the way you think and operate.  Test Driven Development (TDD) is one of those things.  Instant ROI.

I’ve always been a fan of TDD, and spoken often about it.  In doing some research recently, came across an excellent article on LispCast that covers 6 Reasons to Develop your Tests First:

  1. Prevent imagination overrun
  2. Know when you’re done
  3. Catch regressions early
  4. Create more modular code
  5. Cleaner Code
  6. Satisfaction

Great list – well worth the read for further details – kudos to LispCast for putting it together.

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