Posted by: Brian | March 7, 2008

The Death of Mercury Interactive

Warning – IBM Rational biased opinion ahead 🙂 

Interesting read over at ScaffaDaffa on “The Death of Mercury Interactive“.  For those not up on all the latest, HP aquired Mercury Interactive late last year and ever since Mercury has been struggling to find its identity within the HP organization.  Here at Rational we’ve been converting Mercury customers by the dozens.  It’s amazing to me how many people had not heard of IBM Rational’s performance testing tool IBM Rational Performance Tester. 

Many of the converted have said they would never have gone with LoadRunner had they evaluated Performance Tester – typically, it’s the script editing that gets’em.  Script editing is much simpler and faster in Performance Tester than in any performance testing tool out there today.

I’m sure at some point, HP and Mercury will find their way – until then – consider this your personal invitation to see our IBM Rational Performance Tester Demo Video and or download our IBM Rational Performance Tester Trial software.  You won’t be disappointed.


  1. Hey Brian –

    I have been following Rational Performance Tester since 2005. Unfortunately, at that time, it was a very shaky product, with some insumountable installation issues and rough integration with the rest of the suite. I hope that by now, these things have been ironed out. I loved the use of Eclipse out of the box, and the potential of making performance test cases be requirements-driven. Maybe I’ll end up there again…

  2. There has been a significant amount of progress since 2005. We have made great gains in scalability, in reporting and huge strides in problem determination. Back in 2005, we could only find the problems – we’d just say “this page was slow”. Now we can find the cause, effectively saying “This page is slow, because this method on this Java class in your app is taking 14 seconds to execute on average”.

    Hopefully you’ll have a chance to try the latest and greatest. We have a free 30 day trial if you’re interested. Link on the blogroll.

  3. Is comparision matrix between Load Runner and IBM Rational Performance tester avaliable, Can i get the details from any site.

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