Posted by: Brian | May 8, 2008

STAR East Slides

Hello Testers – more internet connection problems prevented me from getting my slides up.   The EXPO hall is opening now – so I’ll post now – and hope to have a recording of the demo posted in the next couple weeks.

Thanks again to the nice woman who saved the day with the wireless internet access!  I never got your name – but really appreciate the help!

Slides are HERE: STAR East SOA Presentation Slides


  1. Thank you for the updated slides! I attended your session, and literally learned more regarding SOA apps in one hour than in a the three day course we had in house. Will be keeping an eye out for the recorded demo too. Thank you!

  2. Thanks – glad you enjoyed the session. I’m going to put that video together in a couple weeks. Will post as soon as it’s done. With a warning – my schedule is crazy leading up to our Rational Software Development Conference in the first week of June. If I do get the video out before – it will probably be pretty rough – don’t expect a polished marketing quality video 🙂

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