Posted by: Brian | May 30, 2008

Booch: “The code is the truth”…

“But the code is not the whole truth.”


Love that line.  The Rational Tester caught this one in the Booch’s article:

 CIO: 5 Things Grady Booch Has Learned About Complex Software Systems

In the article, Booch, the father of UML and design pattern enthusiast shares his fundamentals about developing, delivering and deploying big software projects.
Pretty good read.  For the impatient, here’s his list of fundamentals:   

  1. The fundamentals never go out of style.
  2. You need a regular rhythm of releases.
  3. Focus upon growing executable architectures.
  4. Create social structures that encourage innovation while still preserving predictability.
  5. Have fun.

You have to love Booch…he makes it all seem so simple.  Here’s another gem from the article, which I think many will appreciate:

Another component to creating innovative teams, says Booch, is keeping developers out of “blasted meetings” so they can get things done.

 Booch rocks.

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