Posted by: Brian | September 5, 2008

The Rational Tester and Chrome

If you’re a geek, and the Rational Tester knows you are, then you’ve already heard about, and maybe even downloaded, Google’s new browser, Chrome.

While the Rational Tester is a big fan of the Google, the Rational Tester is not a fan of this move.   Google has just single handedly extended by an order of magnitude the time required for testing any browser based application.  It’s bad enough that we have Internet Explorer and Firefox.  It’s worse that we have IE 6 and 7, and FF 2 and 3 around.  The last thing the Quality Management world needs is another browser against which it has to repeat all of its tests.  (And we didn’t even mention Opera, or any of the other 3rd tier browsers!)

So while Chrome may be neat and cool – it just made Quality Management’s life harder.  Ugh.  Or perhaps a little more positively, Quality Management job security just went up a notch.

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