Posted by: Brian | April 15, 2009

Rational Testing of SOA Applications Webinar

One of Rational’s implementation experts contacted me the other day looking for information on testing Service Oriented Applications (SOA).  In particular, he had been looking for a webinar we gave to the Rational Community.

Typically, whenever I create some content I try to mention it here – as I often point to this site for reference materials.  However, this time, I had forgotten to post this particular presentation.  So, let’s correct this omission.

The Chaos of SOA Application Testing  is a webinar I presented back in January to members fo the Rational community.  In that session, we explored strategies, tools and techniques that can be used to effectively validate the fitness of SOA applications.

We specifically touched on:

  • SOA application business function fulfillment
  • Component functional and performance validation
  • Post deployment SOA application performance and quality

The webinar begins with a quick slide presentation the does a full demonstration of Rational Service Tester.  Hope you find it helpful.

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