Posted by: Brian | May 8, 2009

Rational Functional Tester Object Map Management Strategies

In reviewing presentations for the IBM Rational Software Conference 2009, the Rational Tester came across a very strong presentation from Kathy Endres, a test architect at IBM Rational itself.

The Rational Functional Tester object map is the device used to maintain GUI object definitions for Rational Functional Tester tests.  It’s a powerful tool that maintains a catalog of all GUI objects, and it’s the mechanism Rational Functional Tester uses to find objects on screen during playback.

Managing the object map, under most circumstances, is a low maintenance activity.  Many users never need to go in there.  But there are circumstances where a little tweaking can go a long way.  In the presentation Kathy examines some of these situations such as using the Object Recognition Properties configuration tool to change the way Rational Functional Tester recognizes its objects.

Rational Functional Tester Object Recognition Configuration Tool

Rational Functional Tester Object Recognition Configuration Tool


Kathy also covers the very powerful tool of Dynamic Test Objects.  Rational Functional Tester Dynamic Test Objects are a great tool to use on very dynamic, ever changing, GUI interfaces as these objects are not anchored to a specific object hierarchy.  This topic is probably worth a post on its own. 

Kathy will be presenting her work at the Rational Software Conference 2009 during the first week of June in Orlando.  If you’re interested in attending the conference there is currently a secret discount code on the Rational Software Conference Facebook page.  Find it – you’ll save yourself some big bucks!


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