Posted by: Brian | June 2, 2009

Rational Software Conference – Day 2 Recap

More great content in the Quality Management track at the Rational Software Conference 2009.   Got a look at some of the new features for Rational Performance Tester for Web 2.0 and for scalability.   The most interesting thing from those sessions was really how IBM Rational is using Performance Tester to test its own tools.  With so many of the new Rational tools being Web 2.0 based – Quality Manager, Team Concert to name a few – Performance Tester has  a had a great development environment to work against.   So as Rational tweaks Performance Tester for its own purposes, we all benefit.  Same story on scalability – with Performance Tester being used to test WebSphere scalability, we are seeing great advancements in terms of CPU and Memory requirements for load generation that benefit us all.

Lots on Quality Manager today – with a packed Tips & Tricks session from Lew Cote.  Lew even continued his session down in the Expo hall – where he did one on one demos of some great RQM tips.   Using Poster to pump data into RQM and setting mandatory fields for defects, work items and requirements were highlights.  We also heard from Sogeti Netherlands how they have converted a portion of their test management practice from HP Quality Center to Rational Quality Manager.  They outlined all the business licensing  cost reasons for moving as well as the technical path they followed to get their data from Quality Center to Quality Manager. 

In more general topics – attendees learned about strategies for building an effective test team (another packed room for RSC presentation veteran Jim Trentadue) and challenges of testing Service Oriented Applications. 

The day ended with an interesting Rational Functional Tester feature announcement.   Kathy Endres introduced attendees to Dynamic Object Mapping in Rational Functional Tester.  This new feature will really help reduce script maintenance by allowing users to control how Functional Tester keeps track of object references.   Yay Rational!

Ok – the day ended – but the night brought us four more sessions.   Dan Gouveia gave some great practical tips in his session entitled “Be Your Automaiton Team’s Swiss Army Knife”.  It was a great session on how to approach automation from a variety of perspectives.   We also saw some more Performance Tester, when Joe Toomey did a deep dive on performance monitoring and Sharon Weed along with Dawn (Wait 5 seconds) Peters dug in to performance testing for Portals. 

The day ended the way it began, wth Web 2.0 – though this time from a functional perspective.  Web 2.0 is here and we can deal with it well with new enhancements in Rational Functional Tester.

What a day.  What a night.


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