Posted by: Brian | June 12, 2009

Performance Testing Oracle at Coca-Cola

Interesting news out of Egypt today.   The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Egypt
needed to replace their legacy infrastructure with a high performance, scalable
hardware solution to host their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Oracle E-Business Suite.

With 7,000 employees, the folks at Coke needed some big iron to host their system, and chose  two IBM Power™ 570 servers running IBM AIX®. One server hosts the production environment at the main site, while the other hosts the disaster recovery and testing environment at a remote site.

Cool, huh?  Indeed.  Even cooler – they used IBM Rational Performance Tester to test the system before going live to ensure the system could handle the required volume of transactions.

The team ran five predefined scenarios, representing Coca-Cola’s core business, with a load of 1,200 “heavy users”.  The team was able to record and playback test scripts, drive different types of user data against the application, define various user loads, set verification points to validate application usage, and analyze the various performance reports in terms of throughput and user load. Metrics were collected to evaluate the scalability of the proposed platform.

Credit also needs to go to IBM’s Business Partner, BSD Group, who provided the Oracle extension required by IBM Rational Performance Tester to make it possible to test Oracle E-Business applications.

When you’re implementing that type of mission critical system, you absolutely need to be ceratin it works before you go live.  IBM Rational Performance Tester gave Coca-Cola the confidence it needed to make the go live decision.





  1. Hi

    Thanks for the information. Out of interest how many scripts did they write and how long did it take per scripts.

    All the best.


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