Posted by: Brian | October 16, 2009

The Rational Tester on Pulse 2010

The conference team at Pulse 2010 called for an interview earlier this week.  The transcript of this interview just went live.

For the uninitiated, Pulse 2010 is IBM’s annual service management conference.  For the first time at the conference this year, the conference team has invited Rational to participate.  As a result, there are three Rational Tracks each of which will have 12 sessions.  The Rational Tracks are:

  • Smarter Products Delivery and Management
  • Change Management for Applications and Services
  • Quality Management for Applications and Service

The Rational Tester was asked to chair the Quality Management track.  The main responsibility here is to weed through all the conference submissions to select the cream of the crop of presentation content for the conference.

During the interview, I was asked a couple of key questions: What content are we looking for?  and What makes for a good presentation?

To read my responses, please see the Pulse 2010 blog page with the Rational Tester Pulse 2010 interview.



  1. I am sure this will be a real good opportunity to showcase Rational Quality Solutions in sync with Software Delivery Lifecycle Management. For the first time to a completely different audience. I am looking forward to attend the same!

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