Posted by: Brian | October 29, 2009

Testing vs. Quality: Part 2

One aspect of the testing vs. quality issue is that of  scope.  Testing focuses on measurement of application fitness for use, while quality focuses on the process of creating, delivering and running an application.  As an illustrative example, from a quality perspective, requirements are a key element of application quality.  From a pure testing perspective, a requirement is merely an input, a given.  Something to be taken at face value, and perhaps worse, something that may not even exist in the first place.  Simply put, quality requires more than testing…it requires a process from requirements through development to delivery and operation.  (Now – whether a tester has much impact on all those areas is up for debate, but I digress.)

On November 5th at 1pm (EST), Brian Beveridge from Greenridge Business Systems will speak about his own experiences and the benefits of a collaborative process for delivering software quality with Rational requirements and quality management solutions.  His is more of a quality perspective – and the Rational Tester expects this to be an interesting interview.  I’ll be dailing-in, and I encourage you do to the same.  On my wish list of questions, Mr. Interviewer, I’m hoping there’s an opportunity to find out about  some of the most common problems he sees at his client sites with regards to requirements and quality management?

I love to learn from others ‘ mistakes.  Hopefully Brian Beveridge will have some good ones to share.


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