Posted by: Brian | March 31, 2010

Innovate 2010 Discount – Save $300 on your Rational Software Conference Fee

In what is becoming a bit of an annual tradition on this blog, I am reporting any and all Innovate 2010 Discount and Promo codes.  So far, the best I’ve found is a $300 savings off your Rational Software Conference / Innovate 2010 registration fee.

To get the discount code, sign up for the Innovate 2010 Jam.  The Jam is a short term open discussion between IBMers, customers and thought leaders.  It lasts only 2 days, and the purpose is to get a pulse on what these groups think about major trends in software delivery, from application lifecycle management to cloud computing.

Register today to participate in the discussion and to get your discount code.  Based on previous years, $300 is the high water mark of discount codes.  We have not seen any higher, so this could very well be your best chance to save money on your Innovate 2010 / Rational Software Conference registration fee.

Hurry – the Jam, and the discount, ends April 1, 2010.


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