Posted by: Brian | September 28, 2010

Goodbye Star West

The Rational Tester is 15 minutes away from boarding his last flight to the annual Star West testing conference.  I can’t remember the first time I attended a Star West, but it’s safe to say that I haven’t missed many of them since I started back in 1995.  We were SQA then, for a while Rational, and now IBM.   Whatever the name on the business card though, Star West has always been an important stop on the To-Do list.

A few weeks ago, the Rational Tester accepted a new position in IBM as Rational Technical Evangelist.  It’s pretty much the role I’ve been doing for some time now in Quality Management, but with a wider, broader scope – across all things Rational.  It’s going to be a big learning curve, but I’m looking  forward to the challenge.

So, please stop by at Star West to say hello, and good-bye.  It’s been a good run.   I’ll be at the IBM booth and speaking at 3.oo pm on Wednesday with my partner Matt Holitza.  Our session is “Transforming Software Delivery through Collaboration” where we’ll talk about how the collaborative economy and collaborative software delivery is impacting quality management.


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